On Freemasonry


I have been a freemason since 1993 and have since that time been very active in the order. I have served twice as Master of Solomon Lodge #36 in Newark, Delaware; I have served as Grand Sword Bearer for the Grand Lodge of Delaware; I have served as a Grand Steward for the Grand Lodge of Delaware. I am also a 32 degree Mason who has served as Most Wise Master of the Wilmington Chapter of Rose Croix. I also have served on the Masonic committee for education and leadership for many years. So when I make statements about the craft they are not coming from a layman or a novice, nor are they coming from the opinions garnered from self anointed clergymen or others bent on giving Freemasonry a bad name.


That being said, it has been my experience that the men of the craft are some of the most upstanding individuals I have had the pleasure to have known. Contrary to popular belief, I have yet to meet any mason of any level, degree, or office that has been or is involved with any of the fantastic conspiracies so often credited to the craft. I have to laugh at the notion of the craft being credited with such outlandish and intricate plots as the French Revolution and the behind the scenes management of the World Bank, when I have seen the members struggle so markedly at the decision to buy a quarter page add in a local newspaper to promote a spaghetti dinner.


Freemasonry has but one goal and design and that is to urge good men to seek truth and light, or illumination as we like to say. Freemasonry promotes freedom and individuality and urges it’s member to be studious and to search for and discover meaning in their own life. It promotes no religion or political affiliation but teaches men to understand what is important to them as individuals and encourages them to find the answers to the questions each of us sometimes ask.  We do, at least here in America, use biblical passages to teach some lessons. “Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you.” This passage from Luke 11:9 or from Matthew 7:7, take your pick is one of the first lessons taught to a new initiate. It teaches the candidate to reach out and explore the world around him, to ask the hard questions and to seek answers. It also teaches that his fellow Masons are there to assist him on his journey towards enlightenment. We masons like to say that we are traveling towards the east, which is of course where the sun rises.


The learned anti Masonic clergy would have you believe that because the name Lucifer, which in latin means “light bringer” alludes to the light that the Masons are urging their members towards – Hogwash! Given enough time and imagination I’ll bet I could find the devil in any organization I chose to assign that stigma to if I had the will and/or the agenda to do so. In the below headline from the texemarras website we can see how easily any organization can be exploited for the purpose of promoting another. 


“Our children are under assault by the New Age. For over three decades the New Age leadership has plotted and worked to ravage an entire generation. This book explains the occult inroads into our schools, movies, kids’ books, cartoons, at NASA (our space agency), the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, and even in Sunday School curricula! It also shows how our teenagers are brought into bondage through Satan worship and witchcraft. –


Ravaged by the New Age provides an Action Plan with positive steps parents can take to protect their children from the New Age child abusers.” – http://www.texemarrs.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=catalog&Product_Code=bbtm_ravagedby_new_age


Really? The Girl Scouts? I know the cookies are good, but I don’t think they were baked by Satan himself, ok maybe the samoas.


What of all the secrets associated with the Freemasons then you might ask? What do they have to hide in those big buildings with no windows? Should you decide to investigate, everything you want to know can be found simply by googling. I’m afraid without the desire for beguiling conspiracy theory or devil worship you may find the secrets disappointing. During times of persecution from religious or political zealots, whether that time be the middle ages, Stalin’s Russia or Hitler’s  Third Reich, Masonry has had the need to go underground. The secrets that so many often debate about are merely means of recognition from one Mason to another. By the way after you go out on the web and find them, I wouldn’t try to use them on any knowledgeable Mason, they differ enough from one jurisdiction to another and are complex enough to be confusing if you’re not intimately familiar with what they are, what modes of recognition accompany them and their meanings or definitions. You’ll just be embarrassed, so just don’t do it.


That’s my rant on the Masons. Be nice to us, we’re the good guys!



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